Folk Reflections

Friday 6th October 2017 | 5:45pm & 7:30pm
Derby Cathedral

Three Shanties for Wind Quintet                                                                Malcolm Arnold      
i.   What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor
ii.  Boney Was A Warrior
iii. Johnny Come Down To Hilo
Two Slavonic Dances                                                                                  Antonín Dvorak    
i.  Op. 72 No.2 in E minor              (Starodávný)
ii. Op. 72 No. 7 in C major             (Kolo)
Walking Tune                                                                                            
Percy Grainger                        
Romanian Folk Dances                                                                                         Béla Bartok               
I. Bot tánc / Jocul cu bâtă (Dance with Stick - Stick game)
II. Brâul / Waistband Dance (Peasant Costume)
III. Topogó / Pe Loc -- Stamping Dance - Standing Still
IV. Bucsumí tánc / Buciumeana - Horn Dance
V. Román polka / Poarga Românească (Romanian Polka)
VI. Aprózó / Mărunțel (Fast Dance)
Two Miniatures                                                                                             Gilbert Vinter      
i.   From Norfolk
ii.  From Devon
The Lass of Richmond Hill                                                                             James Hooke             
Westerly Winds                                                                                              
Paul Patterson    
i.   Scrumpy Giles (Somerset)
ii.  Widecombe Jan (Devon)
iii. Lazy Lawrence (Dorset)
iv. The Looe Bar Lady (Cornwall)
Join Sinfonia Viva for a trip across the globe and experience the vast influence and reach of folk music throughout history.
Featuring shanties, Slavonic dances, Romanian folk, miniatures from Devon and Norfolk, as well as extracts from Paul Patterson’s Westerly Winds, this will be a concert for folk enthusiasts and general music lovers alike!
Played beautifully by Sinfonia Viva’s wind quintet, the show will take place in the epic and historic surroundings of the Derby Cathedral, the perfect place for live music. Feel yourself being drawn in, as notes linger in the building’s cavernous walls and swirl gracefully around you, making this a truly inspirational and unforgettable experience.    
Part of Derby Folk Festival, this concert is free for Derby Folk Festival wristband holders.