Masters of Mood

Sunday 4th March 2018 | 3pm
Lincoln Drill Hall

Tchaikovsky         Souvenir de Florence
Borodin                 Nocturne
Piazzolla               Four Seasons

An uplifting and engaging collection of pieces make up the programme for Masters of Mood.

Lifting the concert off into the clouds is Tchaikovsky’s carefree and endearingly talkative Souvenir de Florence, a piece that is played with dashingly eloquent, feisty and virtuoso playing. This gives way to Nocturne, one of Borodin's best-known melodies, with a characteristically sinuous, seductive quality. Beginning in the treble register of the cellos, it is answered by the violins two octaves higher. When it returns at the end of the movement, the cello and violin lines twine round one another in close canon – a technical device put to wonderfully expressive use by both composer and orchestra. Closing the programme is the freshness and spontaneity of Piazzolla’s writing with Four Seasons. Matched by the committed playing of Sinfonia Viva, who are just the right orchestra to ignite the musical fireworks.