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Image by Alan Fletcher

We work closely with people to create projects and music they write and play themselves. We do this in areas and with people that need it most. In our 35th year our appeal aims to fund 3,500 people to take part in creative work. 

Click on one of the links below to decide who your donation will go to!

- Young people from 1yr – 21yrs

- Older people with dementia 

- Caring for carers, with our Carers Choir

- FEVER, our work in hospitals and hospices

- Young people and adults with additional needs

- As many people as we can with more concerts and projects in more places 

Alternatively just text!

We value every amount of funding we receive and to make it easier you can now make a donation quickly and easily. You really can make a difference and support the work we do right away. It couldn’t be easier - just Text VIVA30 5 or Text VIVA30 10 to 700 70 to donate £5 or £10. 

Find out more

To discuss the many ways you can support our work and make your donation call 01332 207566 or email Simone Lennox-Gordon our Head of Development to discuss ways you can support our work and make your donation bring classical music to someone’s life.